Friday, April 26, 2013

Get FROM, TO, CC, BCC parties in Reports/SQL in MS CRM 2011

It's very common requirement to get the TO and FROM party list  in our report for activities. As we know it doesn't store as part of activity/activitypointer. It get stores separably in activityparty table, and all parties are separate entry in activityparty table.

I wrote a function to get the FROM, TO, CC, BCC or any other party list from CRM in your report. Juse use below function in your report, it will return all parties as comma separated string.

-- To : To Recipient
-- From : Sender
-- TO get "TO" party list : SELECT [dbo].[fn_GetPartyList] ('B6166B16-9AA2-E211-854C-000C29749A28','To Recipient')
-- TO get "FROM" party list : SELECT [dbo].[fn_GetPartyList] ('B6166B16-9AA2-E211-854C-000C29749A28','Sender')

CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[fn_GetPartyList](@ActivityId NVARCHAR(100),@PatryAttribute nvarchar(100))
DECLARE @Indivisual NVARCHAR(100)
SET @Result=''

SET @Count =(SELECT COUNT(partyidname) from FilteredActivityParty
   WHERE participationtypemaskname = @PatryAttribute AND activityid = @ActivityId)

DECLARE @Table1 TABLE(Row INT IDENTITY(1,1), partyidname nvarchar(100))
SELECT partyidname from FilteredActivityParty
WHERE participationtypemaskname = @PatryAttribute AND activityid = @ActivityId

SET @Indivisual=(SELECT partyidname FROM @Table1 WHERE Row=@Count)
SET @Result=@Indivisual+','+@Result

SET @Count=@Count-1




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