Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Deploying Wizard Report to Different Server in MS CRM 4.0

When we create a wizard report in CRM, it’s really difficult to move the same report to production. Once you download the wizard report, we get an RDL file.

When we upload this RDL file to production, we get a report but wizard is lost. User can’t update the report (like column, group etc).

I searched into the database and found a solution (its unsupported) to enable the wizard of the wizard report after uploading the RDL.

Steps to upload a wizard report to production:

Create a wizard report in CRM in Dev environment.
Download the wizard report, it will give an RDL file.
Upload the same RDL file to the Production as “Existing file”.
Login to ORG_MSCRM DB, update the Report table entry, set IsCustomReport = 1 for the corresponding report.

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