Sunday, February 14, 2010

More Than 8 Tabs on a CRM Form in MS CRM 4.0


We can have more than 8 tabs on a CRM Form if required. (It is unsupported but very easy to implement).

Procedure :
In: C:\Program Files\Microsoft CRM Server\CRMWeb\Tools\FormEditor find your formeditor.aspx and select edit. Find the JavaScript variable _iMaxTabs and notice that it is set to 8. Change the value to your desired limitation, save and close, reset IIS and you should then be able to create the additional tabs needed from within the forms customization area.

Note : This change will be refelected in all the CRM form.


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Nagi Setty said...

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Unknown said...

Yo, is there a way to edit this when you're using CRM online?

Chandan Kumar Choudhary said...

Hi Byan,
No. It can’t be done in CRM online, because its require to edit the system aspx page. If you can access file named “formeditor.aspx” @
C:\Program Files\Microsoft CRM Server\CRMWeb\Tools\FormEditor, then you make the above mentioned changes, The change will be reflected in the CRM form.