Thursday, September 10, 2009

Change the color of the service appointment / appointment in service calendar in MS CRM 4.0

In Service Management, there are Time Blocks displayed in the appointment book. The color of the time blocks varies according to the status of the appointment. The section named “ServiceManagement” of isv.config.xml allows for customization of these colors by providing a mapping to the .css file that defines them. These .css files are located at \SM\Gantt\style\GanttControl.css.aspx.

Export and open the “isv.config”, search for the . Under the , for every Status(1 – Requested, 2 – Tentative, 3 – Pending, 4 – Reserved, 6 - In Progress, 7 – Arrived, 8 – Completed, 9 – Canceled ,10 - No Show) CssClass has been defined.

Open the GanttControl.css.aspx file using VS and search the CssClass name (like ganttBlockServiceActivityStatus1, ganttBlockServiceActivityStatus2) and change the color acording to your requirement.

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