Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Currency symbol in reports in case of Multi currency in MS CRM 4.0

When we develop a custom report for the MSCRM always it’s a question to show the corresponding currency symbol. Take an example we have a report in which we are showing all the opportunity of value more than 1M (in all currencies).

If you will change the currency format to any of the out of box format it will show just the dollar ($) symbol.

To show the corresponding currency symbol of the opportunity, we need to select one more field in the SQL Query named “crm_moneyformatstring” from the corresponding filtered view. This field (crm_moneyformatstring) is there in every CRM entity if there is at test one currency field in the corresponding entity.

And define the format of the money field by selecting “crm_moneyformatstring” field from the dataset. (right click on the box in the table/matrix, click on the properties, select format , in the format select crm_moneyformatstring from the dataset)


Walker said...

really helpful info....thanks a lot Chandan

Karthick S said...

This seems to be a trick to do when custom reports are designed. My requirement is to do in the reports created using Report Wizard available Out of the Box. Any option to change the currency symbol there?